LodgeNet Launches New Broadband Access Solution at Customer Tech Symposium

LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, a provider of media and connectivity solutions to the hospitality industry, announced today at its Customer Technology Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia that they have launched Guestroom Manager 2.0, a comprehensive program of product enhancements designed to deliver new functionality and increased performance for LodgeNet Broadband Internet Access customers nationwide.
The foundation of Guestroom Manager 2.0 is built on a newly released software platform that delivers expanded capabilities and scalability for LodgeNet gateway servers. LodgeNet engineers spent over 12 months developing and testing the new software platform, and it has now been deployed nationwide at no charge to all customers whose properties are managed by the LodgeNet Gateway Server. In support of this software upgrade, the company has also added expanded memory to all LodgeNet Gateway servers to provide increased processing power and expanded capacity to handle increasing guest usage.
The software enhancements in Guestroom Manager 2.0 include solutions to address spam management, bandwidth management, use leveling and overall systems stability. In addition, multi-language functionalities, system recovery and system restore functions are also included in the upgrade.
Additional initiatives
In addition to the new software platform, the Guestroom Manager 2.0 launch also includes the implementation of a new and enhanced enterprise-grade Proactive Monitoring System to manage all equipment installed in the field at all properties, regardless of server platform. The newly deployed system actively monitors all IP based broadband systems supported by LodgeNet down to the device level, including servers, access points and other supporting devices. Uptime, system health and guest usage are included in the elements monitored by the system, and evaluations are done at least once per minute for every device installed at all properties.
In support of the Guestroom Manager 2.0 launch, LodgeNet has also implemented new procedures to coordinate and align the company's call centers, field service, sales and administrative to enhance company responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction.
LodgeNet is also in the process of developing a next generation version of its Customer Reporting Service (CRS) software, which will bring together the reporting and system health visibility desired by most hospitality IT managers. LodgeNet plans to launch the upgraded CRS service during 2010, and will offer that upgrade to all of its broadband customers at no charge as it has done with Guestroom Manager 2.0.
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