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LodgeNet Adds Mobile Checkout Feature

LodgeNet Interactive Corporation has announced the introduction of a new mobile checkout feature (mCheckout), added to the recently launched LodgeNet Mobile app. The new feature is available in more than 500,000 of LodgeNet’s mobile-enabled rooms across 2,600 hotels in North America.
Guests now have a convenient option to check out of their hotel room from any location via mobile device, eliminating the need for queuing at the front desk, particularly during peak hours. The new mCheckout feature also removes the need for printed receipts as these can be automatically sent to guests, by e-mail, upon completing the mobile checkout process.
Mobile devices have already had a profound impact on how travelers interact and engage with hotel, airline and retail brands. At a time when 75% of travelers are now carrying smartphones,1 the inclusion of mCheckout is a timely addition to the recently launched LodgeNet App. Recent Nielsen research has found that 71% of app downloaders expressed an interest in using apps for mobile checkout in retail situations.  
LodgeNet’s mCheckout service is part of the company’s industry-first mobile application, LodgeNet Mobile. Developed to enhance the travel and in-room experience, the “super-suite” of mobile features launched earlier this year offers unmatched control of in-room entertainment, turning a guest’s mobile device into a TV remote. The app also provides access to hotel amenities like dining and spa reservations, as well as local area information and services.
The mCheckout feature allows business or leisure travelers to effortlessly – and wirelessly – link to a hotel’s checkout system from any location: getting ready to leave their hotel room, waiting for the valet or multitasking while waiting for transportation.  

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