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Krispy Kreme Franchises Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs with Cloud Solution

Krispy Kreme franchise locations throughout South, Central and West Texas have seen an uptick in efficiency with the implementation of MICROS  Simphony, a cloud-based POS restaurant management system by Hospitality Solutions International. Glazing Saddles, LLC, a franchisee of Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation, has rolled out Simphony in all eight of its locations.
MICROS Simphony’s serviceoriented architecture (SOA) enables the central management of menus, payroll, scheduling, gift cards and loyalty functions from anywhere through a web browser. MICROS Simphony provides file servers that are housed in a MICROS data center, managing upgrades, handling maintenance, and providing security technology to protect Glazing Saddles’ data.
The MICROS Simphony Enterprise solution is configured with Simphony Labor, to help manage staffing, and Simphony Loyalty, to aid in the creation of a new loyalty and gift card program. In addition, the system has a fully customizable web-based reporting capability with a complete set of auditing and analysis tools designed to deliver actionable information. Simphony’s web reporting is also available on mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.
Each of the franchise locations will implement four MICROS Workstation 5A terminals as well as a MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS), which will help facilitate its drive through ordering. The MICROS KDS will expedite drive-through orders by relaying detailed order information to the employees preparing orders.

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