Hoteliers Respond to Ultimate Technology Makeover Contest: Enter to Win by Oct. 20

MSI, Libra OnDemand, Accuvia ConsultingHospitality Technology magazine and a host of other industry vendors are coming together to deliver next generation technology for two lucky winners of the Ultimate Hotel Technology Makeover Contest.  Launched at HITEC in Anaheim this year, the contest has driven responses by full service as well as limited/select service properties. 

In their submissions, when asked "Why are you a good candidate for a technology make-over" candidates have responded: "We are still in the stone age regarding our interfaces, networking, and peripherals. We can use all types of technology upgrades to bring us into the 21st century" and "•if we win the technology make over, we would seek to improve guest satisfaction by providing them with the stronger service and amenities expected at a first class property.

Additionally when asked to provide a response to their expected outcome of having a technology make-over many are stating; "new systems would provide ROI in time management, access to guest data and improved guest service" as their driving factors. Comments include: "What I would further hope is that having the latest technology systems would allow us to improve our ability to manage reservations and profile data between many properties, reduce costly errors and improve our bottom line, find out if multiple vendors really can work together." And, "to be able to provide guests, staff and management the information they, anytime any where they need to conduct business, in an efficient manner."

Are you completely satisfied with your current technology?" Not just your PMS, or your CRM, POS, In-Room and Energy Management Systems?  Do you have consolidated data to plan for your long-term business goals, business intelligence tools to manage short term goals?  Do all of your systems and vendors work together to meet your needs?  If not, you are the perfect candidate for this contest.  Enter now —

The vendors behind the contest
MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.), a hospitality technology solutions provider asks the question, "are you content with how your technology helps you manage your business today?  Are you tied to your desk or out with your guests?  MSI released mobile technology at HITECH this year.  nTouch, and more specifically iTouch / iPhone applications are more than just an extension of the property's availability to the consumer. We haven tackled the hotel's management of dynamic information and data intelligence. MSI's nTouch suite including iPhone and iTouch applications provide immediate access via the internet to critical data elements including daily, weekly and monthly ADR, REVPAR and Occupancy stats. In addition, features that track guest room availability, guest status, and room status are also offered.  

Libra OnDemand, where CRM meets hospitality•in the cloud by leveraging the power of, the world's most popular on demand platform, enabling you to manage your customers and your budget at the same time, answers the question, "how you can be on top of every lead, every opportunity, every guest preference, every request, and every customer interaction?"  The result is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to drive sales and increase revenues and created specifically for the hospitality industry including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Database Email Marketing, Catering & Event Management, Loyalty & Rewards Management, Reporting & Data Analytics, and Integration & Centralization Tools.

The mission for Accuvia Consulting is to promote the effective use of technology within the hospitality, foodservice and retail industries through an increased understanding of applications, their features and benefits, and how technology can help hoteliers achieve their business objectives. In additional to consulting, Accuvia provides industry research, advisory services and education resources on all aspects of technology. Accuvia believes it is possible to increase the level of technology usage and competency in these core industries in order to keep pace with, or exceed, levels achieved in other industries.  Accuvia is dedicated to helping make this a reality.  With the opportunity to work with the winners, Accuvia will consult on both short and long term planning in an effort to identify the best of breed solutions and vendors to carry out the make-over.

Hospitality Technology Magazine is providing editorial coverage of the contest and will provide profile reviews as the winners are selected, evaluated and the projects get underway.

Watch for additional vendor participation, as the winners are identified (one per category — Limited/Select Service and Full Service) and requirements are documented. Contest ends October 20, 2009.

Vendors interested in participating can click here for more information. 
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