Hotel FaceBook Widget Offers Online Marketing Strategy Solution

Hotel Concepts, a leading global provider of property management/CRS technology and software solutions for the hospitality industry, introduces its new Facebook Widget. This small tool, which Facebook users may place on their home page, allows hoteliers to 'push' special offers to users that have shown interest in that destination. Offers are pushed seamlessly from Hotel Concepts' IDCRS and can be converted into actual reservations with minimal user interaction.

Facebook users can use the widget to invite their Facebook friends and family to the location of a special event. For example, couples organizing a wedding could allow invitees to book hotel accommodations straight from their Facebook page.

"Social networking is the absolute buzz of the moment," says Bas Blommaart, CEO of Hotel Concepts. "We feel that this trend will continue to grow and that these sites will drive the travel industry in the near future. That is why we chose to be the first PMS provider to adapt to this new media and integrate it into our system."

The development of Hotel Concepts' Facebook Widget was in response to a direct challenge issued at a recent technology conference. "The speaker said that property management systems are quickly becoming a commodity," continues Blommaart. "Most offer the same features and interfaces, so we were challenged to set ourselves apart and create a unique tool that will benefit our hotel clients and set the stage for the future of online marketing. I believe we have tapped into to social consciousness of today's traveler with the Facebook Widget, and that we have laid the groundwork for expanding the potential of this exciting new media."

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