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HITEC: Square [ i ] International, Intelity form Global Strategic Alliance

Square [ i ] International and Intelity have formed a global strategic alliance.
Square and Intelity have agreed to work together in global markets to bring ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) to guests, delivered using Apple technology.
ICE will also provide the missing link in Square's IPTV solution. Square’s IPTV solution offers guests what they have at home (and more) which has long been regarded by hoteliers as the ideal requirement for guest room entertainment. Using Apple computers connected to the hotels HD LCD TV's guests can watch HD TV, record live TV, access Netflix or other on demand services, play music from their own Apple devices, upload and share photos via social media sites, surf the internet, play games, Skype their friends and family, make last minute changes to business documents, plus use Apple's award winning iLife suite of software.
ICE will expand Square's offering by providing interactive room service, spa bookings, direct housekeeping and maintenance requests, live connection to concierge, rich hotel information, valet parking and much more.

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