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Hilton Phoenix Chandler Transforms iPods into Training Tools

The new Hilton Phoenix Chandler, scheduled to open February 17, announces that they will be the first hotel in the world to use 3D-animated instructions on iPods to help train and coach housekeeping staff.

Training staff hopes this new technology will break through language barriers and help to secure consistency and excellence which is paramount in the hotel industry. Primarily, this technology has been used in high-tech industries such as aviation and automotive. But, the training staff at Hilton Phoenix Chandler is now tailoring it for hotel use as well.

New-hires will receive visual work instructions that standardize, optimize, and clearly communicate procedures when compared to more conventional technology such as training manuals. This communication breakthrough allows new-hires, of any language and with no prior experience, to easily move through 50 steps on an iPod.

Visual direction
Step-by-step navigation consists of 2D-icons and 3D-animations; each step vividly demonstrates the task; words are not needed. Additional benefits include: reduced training time, faster learning curves, and training consistency.

"In an industry where annual housekeeping turnover is near 50 percent," says Dante Alexander, general manager for Hilton Phoenix Chandler. "This method has a long-lasting return on investment."

This new training concept was the combined brainchild of Alexander and John D'Amours, former Intel Engineer and Owner, Visual Training Solutions LLC. At first glance, the concept did not seem feasible due to limited hotel technology. However, high turnover, language barriers, and a need for consistency, made it worth a second look.

The animated version is competitively priced, and can be quickly revised off-site, eliminating the need for translation. Animation also provides detailed, crisp images, often difficult to achieve with video.

New-hires can receive detailed procedures tailored to the exact room layout, right down to the amenity tray, without actually being in the hotel or viewing an actual furnished room.

This product is scheduled to be showcased at HotelWorld in the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 1-4.
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