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H-Top Hotels Utilizes Availpro to Support Expansion

H-Top Hotels Group, a hotel group in Spain, has chosen the Smart Channel Manager from Availpro to enable its 14 hotels to manage online bookings on distributor websites. Availpro's Smart Channel Manager, enables H-Top Hotels to manage all of its distribution channels in a single interface.
To date, the 14 hotels in the Group have been managing the online distribution of their 3,900 rooms manually or using one-way updaters via 10 different channels, which made management cumbersome. This time-consuming practice resulted in lost bookings or overbooking because of the processing delay. After two months of successful testing, the Group's aim of optimizing productivity using technological tools adapted to its ambitions led to the acquisition of Availpro’s solution. The centralized management lets hotels benefit from a central inventory of their available rooms.
The main reasons for choosing Availpro ranges from the sales follow-up, to the support provided to hotels in the Availpro system, and the deployment of connectivity using channels ensured by Availpro teams. H-Top Hotels can now manage its sales on 15 Internet channels or more simply via the Availpro planning.

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