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Grande Colonial Hotel Locks onto RFID for Security Upgrades

The Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, California, has completed a property-wide upgrade to VingCard Elsafe's Classic RFID locking system. The installation replaced older magnetic-stripe locks in all 93 guestrooms.
VingCard Elsafe’s suite of RFID locking systems feature contactless access control via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) encoded communication and secure anti-cloning software. Recent advancements to VingCard Elsafe's RFID technology has enabled RFID locks to read keycards from more than twice as far as before. Additionally, VingCard Elsafe RFID locks are designed to be easily adapted to Near Field Communication (NFC)-technology that is expected to be in widespread use globally within a few years and which will enable travelers to use mobile devices as room keys. The Classic RFID locks are designed to easily retrofit doors that previously housed VingCard Elsafe mag-stripe locks.  
The upgrade to RFID locks comes with a bonus perk for the seaside resort. Due to Grande Colonial's proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the salty air tends to wreak havoc on mechanical parts, including the old mag-stripe readers. Because RFID is contactless, and the lock's mechanics are completely encased, the time and effort the resort spends dealing with lock maintenance will drop dramatically.
In addition to the RFID locking system, Grande Colonial also deploys VingCard Elsafe's line of SENTINEL II safes in all guestrooms. The SENTINEL II by Elsafe UL-listed safes employ the latest locking technology, including anti-tamper labyrinths and solid-steel hinges. In addition to its audit trail, spring-loaded door and Flash-RAM memory, the safe also has an adaptable design makes it ideal for any hotel environment.

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