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Security -- Physical

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Security -- Physical.

Titan HST allows hotels to broadcast warnings of imminent threat, check the safety of their employees, allows staff to communicate with emergency response teams in multiple languages, and even helps first responders locate persons in no visibility situations.

Partnership between brands will allow hotels to expedite mobile the check-in processes.

Device can be used both indoors and outdoors using Bluetooth beacons and GPS to provide precise location information about employee whereabouts.

Key executives tapped to HTNG Workgroup Chair focusing on hospitality staff security.

Technology will ensure the emergency call can be reported, routed and acted upon in a swift, seamless and timely manner.

Allegion Wireless Locksets integrated with infinias are modular and customized for either mortise or cylinder locks.

Using AI, security cameras can alert users to faces or objects that were preemptively flagged as threats.

Venezuelan hotel implements Signature RFID door locks and Elsafe Zenith safes with the Visionline access management platform.

Devices will help staff to summon help if harassed, need help or spot a guest in distress.

Intelligent video technology can optimize both customer service and physical security.

But not all technology is created equal; Hoteliers must implement RFID solutions with real-time certainty based reports.

Hotels can improve first responders' ability to save lives with security technology.

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