Five Guys Rolls Out Curbside & In-Store Pickup Tech

Five Guys leverages FlyBuy Pickup technology to maximize food freshness and ensure a seamless curbside and in-store pickup experience for both customers and third-party delivery drivers.

Five Guys has partnered with Radius Networks, a location-based technology company, to roll out FlyBuy Pickup, a curbside and in-store pickup solution. Five Guys is leveraging FlyBuy to track the arrival of both the customers and third-party delivery drivers and to make operational decisions to maximize food freshness and to minimize wait times.

Five Guys' news comes as off-premises dining is capturing the lion’s share of restaurants’ current sales. Consumers are looking for increased convenience and contactless transactions. If easier forms of pickup, like curbside, were available, 60% of customers would increase ordering for pickup, according to Tillster’s research.

FlyBuy uses proprietary technologies to gain visibility into the customer and third-party delivery drivers’ journeys by accurately predicting ETA and alerting the restaurant when the customer or driver is within a certain radius of the restaurant, upon entrance to the property, and when they have arrived in a virtual pickup zone. In addition, Five Guys staff receives timely audio and visual alerts so they can perfectly time the food readiness with the arrival of the customer or delivery driver.

As a result, FlyBuy has greatly reduced wait time and congestion at the counter, curbside, and at drive-up pickup windows, which is essential for customer satisfaction and a necessity in today’s climate.

“Our staff and customers have met our new takeout technology with enthusiasm,” said Zerrick Pearson, Vice President of Restaurant Technology at Five Guys. “Having visibility into the journey of both customers and delivery drivers is key for us to provide fresh fries and cold milkshakes quickly for to-go orders. It’s hard to control the food freshness for takeout or delivery orders, but FlyBuy enables us to deliver the best to-go product possible."

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