Hooters Adds Arrival Tech to Enhance CX for Off-Premises Orders

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
FlyBuy curbside pickup technology is integrated with Hooters' ordering system -- app, online and phone. The customer’s ETA is immediately sent to Hooters, along with location updates as the customer makes his or her way to the restaurant.

Hooters has partnered with Radius Networks, a location-based technology company, to launch FlyBuy Pickup.

Hooters understands that curbside pickup and takeout are essential options for its customers and investing in a seamless curbside and in-store pickup customer experience is imperative for the chain’s success. The new FlyBuy Pickup technology will enable Hooters staff to deliver their one-of-a-kind hospitality along with its world-famous wings – as well as beer, wine and spirits in participating states – right to the customer’s car as they arrive to the parking lot.

Time is Money

Customers are leaning into order ahead. The volume of online Order for Pickup transactions increased by over 200% and more than 82% of consumers said they have used Order for Pickup to purchase from restaurants and others in the last six months, according to the new Rakuten Ready 2020 Time Study. Customers who wait under two minutes for an order are four times more likely to repeat purchase from the same retailer or restaurant, according to the study.

Over the last several years, Hooters has been investing in ordering and delivery technology solutions that provide a seamless guest ordering experience, and selected FlyBuy to provide that same seamless curbside and in-store pickup experience for customers that want to have their favorite Hooters meals at home. 

An Integrated Solution

FlyBuy Pickup integrates with the existing Hooters ordering system, whether the customer places an order through the Hooters app, online at HootersToGo.com or by phone. The customer’s ETA is immediately sent to Hooters, along with location updates as the customer makes his or her way to the restaurant. Restaurants can perfectly time the food readiness with the arrival of the customer or delivery driver, which dramatically decreases spoilage, increases staff efficiency, and creates a great customer experience with virtually no wait time.

“We saw the need for a curbside and in-store pickup solution during the COVID-19 crisis, and all indicators point to an increase in off-premise demand,” said Marc Butler, SVP Strategic Planning & Off Premise at Hooters. “FlyBuy helps us create a great customer experience with a frictionless experience for the customer, while also increasing efficiencies for our staff inside the restaurant. Whether the customer wants curbside, in-store pickup or delivery, FlyBuy Pickup provides us with all of the information we need, all in one place, for a completely seamless experience. We’ve set a goal to have a best-in-class off-premise business, and this tool helps us get one step closer to that goal.”

“We are excited to add FlyBuy Pickup to our portfolio of innovative, Food-to-Go technology solutions and look forward to having more detailed customer information in order to extend our wonderful Hooter’s hospitality all the way to the curb,” says Karen Bird, CIO at Hooters.

As dining rooms reopen, restaurants are quickly realizing that juggling dine-in, curbside, takeout, and delivery orders requires a more sophisticated order pickup solution, says Radius Networks. FlyBuy gives restaurants the ability to provide a seamless pickup service without neglecting dine-in customers.


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