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Fishbowl Integrates with Android Pay

Fishbowl, a customer engagement platform provider for the restaurant industry, announced that it integrated with Android Pay to provide loyalty, coupon, and promotions management for restaurant industry clients.
The collaboration between Fishbowl and Android Pay enables restaurant brands to push personalized, 1:1 coupons and offers and maintain loyalty within guests’ personal wallets, and to notify guests of offer availability when within proximity to the valid location. The integration empowers restaurants with the opportunity to influence and reinforce brand-specific decision making outside the restaurants’ four walls while ensuring recognition and reward for loyal guests. Through Fishbowl’s rich analytics, Google can attribute ROI and incremental consumer behavior associated to Android Pay as a distribution channel.
“Fishbowl has a large restaurant client base and, as such, a huge swath of restaurant guests,” said Jack Connors, Head of Commerce Partnerships at Google. “As payment becomes more mobile, the opportunity to provide a cohesive wallet experience is obvious. Through integration with Fishbowl, restaurant brands can issue coupons and loyalty cards while ensuring a seamless experience at point of purchase, helping us to validate Android Pay as a viable distribution and payment platform.”
Fishbowl ingests and analyzes vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from a myriad of sources, including POS, eClub, SMS, mobile, online ordering, reservations, loyalty and more, to uncover critical guest insights, desires and preferences and identify strategies to execute data-driven decisions and engage with guests in a more personal, relevant, and effective manner via marketing automation.
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