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Empathica Launches Mobile Reporting Solution for Multi-Unit Restaurants

Empathica Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to more than 200 of the world's most respected brands, has launched a new Mobile Reporting solution. Targeted to address the challenges facing multi-unit restaurants and retailers, Mobile Reporting gives field managers the ability to access location-based performance information on-site in real time, wherever they are on their mobile device.

When a field manager logs into Mobile Reporting through their web-enabled mobile device, the home page gives them instant access to a mobile dashboard where they can review information on individual location performances. Other features include:

  • A mobile user-friendly interface that gives the field manager access to real-time store performance scorecards, verbatim comments from guests or customers, and the capability to instantly assign action items.
  • A summary page that provides a list of all the locations in their area, ranking them against their peers based on key drivers of great customer experiences, such as providing the perfect speed of service.
  • Customer Rescue Alerts that escalate unsatisfied customer complaints to the field manager so they can action them immediately. Field managers can also track the status of all assigned action plan items, as well as the progress of customer rescue issues.
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