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Dragontail Launches Quality Control Camera for Pizza Shops, QSRs

Dragontail Systems said it officially launched a unique quality control sensor and camera system for pizza shops and other QSRs worldwide, following a successful pilot and field trial.
A powerful marketing and operations tool, the sensor and camera system, known as the Camera Cut Station Unit (CCSU), upgrades customer service while reducing labor and food costs, thereby improving a restaurant’s financial performance and client satisfaction with no interference to a restaurant’s kitchen flow.
The CCSU monitors key elements in a kitchen during the preparation and cooking process to improve the quality and consistency of pizzas and other meals that a restaurant is producing.  
In the scenario of a pizza shop, the camera can automatically send a photo of a pizza directly to a customer’s mobile device when the meal is ready, including the temperature and the time it came out of the oven. 
The system contains wireless sensors that monitor the temperature of the food in the oven, the fridge and kitchen, and can immediately alert staff to any issues. At the same time, the mounted camera analyzes the quality of ingredients to ensure that the correct ingredients have been used in the preparation of a meal.
The CCSU system uses advanced machine learning technology, which improve the system’s diagnostics over time. The system can also be modified upon request for other types of food, such as burgers, tacos, sushi or sandwiches.
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