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Disneyland Paris Informs Guests on the Go with Real-Time Mobile Tech

Disneyland Paris selects Orange Business Services to create and launch a portal of mobile information accessible via Flashcode technology. With this technology, guests can easily access in real-time, from their mobile devices, useful information on their trip to help better organize their stay.
As a part of its collaboration with Disneyland Paris, Orange Business Services provided the advice, support and technical setup needed for the Flashcode solution.
With the Internet application, accessible through mobile phones via Flashcode technology, Disneyland Paris is able to offer its guests useful and important information, before, during and after their visit. This includes the ability to

  • enable guests to view useful information help plan their trip.
  • offer up-to-date information in real-time throughout the visit for show times, special restaurant and gift shops offers, and more
  • provide access to multimedia content such as games and videos

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