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DigiPoS Grows Green Credentials with Low-Power POS

As part of its Carbon Down initiative, DigiPoS debuts its DigiPoS Retail Core, an ultra small footprint POS system that draws only 15 watts of power, less than half that of a low power 40 watt light bulb.
Other features of the Retail Core include:
  • Small form factor - the individual unit measures 9.25"x8.25"x2.375".
  • Operation as a completely sealed unit with no moving parts.
  • Fanless design - all heat is exchanged through innovative external heat sync dispersal.
  • Locking I/O ports for secure connectivity.
  • Complete flexibility via the addition of retail-specific features in the Retail Core Extender.
  • Low cost, modular PSU for easy swap out as and when required.
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