Denny's Matrix-Themed Promo Touts Brand's Digital Transformation

With streaming platform Twitch and Warner Bros., the brand orchestrated a Matrix-themed streaming activation, which received almost half a million views ahead of The Matrix Resurrections film release.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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The creative activation showed a streamer's journey, engaging with the Matrix throughout the day; kicking off by showing that he received a mysterious delivery of a black box.

Coinciding with the debut of the Matrix's fourth movie installment,  Denny's enticed another gamer to enter the Matrix. On December 21 on streaming platform Twitch, through a new partnership with Twitch streamer Juan Debiedma — also known as Hungrybox— the brand orchestrated a Matrix-themed streaming activation, which received almost half a million views and thousands of fans engaged with ahead of The Matrix Resurrections film release. The activation was an extension to Denny's partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures to further amplify its digital transformation.

The creative activation showed Hungrybox's journey to engaging with the Matrix throughout the day, kicking off by showing that he received a mysterious delivery of a black box in the morning. The box contained codes for him to choose between while ordering on Denny's on Demand during the livestream. He was then surprised when his delivery was made by a "rebel", who took the case back from Hungrybox before disappearing. Fans were highly engaged as they then received special Matrix-inspired promotional offers for Denny's while they enjoyed the livestream—offers included such items as tickets to The Matrix Resurrections and Denny's gift cards.

A surprise disappearance by Hungrybox joining the Matrix "agents" thrilled the fans and kept them engaged to the very end, when Hungrybox appeared to give his last messages to viewers—focused on driving them to download the Denny's app to experience the glitch and get special offers for signing up—and reminding all to catch The Matrix Resurrections in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

"Our Warner Bros. Pictures partnership has provided a timely opportunity for Denny's to amplify our digital transformation leading up to The Matrix Resurrections release in theaters. We were excited to tap into the Twitch community to surprise and delight HungryBox's fans with this fun, Matrix-inspired stunt. As America's Diner, we love to feed people and enjoyed giving out gift cards and sharing more about the personalized benefits available through our new iOS and Android mobile apps and Denny's Rewards program," said Denny's Chief Brand Officer John Dillon. "Hungrybox is one of the most talented players in the gaming community, and along with Warner Bros. Pictures, has been a key creative partner in helping us reach our audiences during our pivotal moment of digital transformation."

Digital Transformation

Denny's is among the brands that have overhauled its online ordering experience. Denny's digital transformation efforts aim to provide guests with an enhanced experience on and Denny's app platforms, resulting in a streamlined ordering experience, with more compelling features that will drive further personalization and guest satisfaction. Denny's Rewards members now have direct access to the Denny's brand in the palm of their hand. With a new log-in experience, including a digital wallet that grants Rewards members access to rewards and promotions, both in-restaurant and online, convenience is just a few taps away. The Denny's app can be downloaded via iOS and Android.

With Denny's latest promotional campaign with The Matrix Resurrections, which began in November 2021, Warner Bros. Pictures was key in Denny's continued digital transformation efforts. Fans will be able to experience Denny's promotional campaign with The Matrix Resurrections through January 4, 2022 and can visit for more information or to find their local restaurant and place an online order.