Data So Big, it Needs its Own Report

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Data So Big, it Needs its Own Report

By Abigail A. Lorden, Editor-in-Chief - 12/12/2013
We’ve been crunching numbers pretty heavily at HT this month. This December issue includes the publication of our 4th annual Lodging Technology Study, and our annual Point-of-sale Software Trends Report. After weeks of gathering input from our readers, analyzing data, and drafting the reports, we can appreciate why data — and in particular the big variety — can be overwhelming.

HT’s 2014 Lodging Technology Study — as with all of our annual technology studies   — is the culmination of months of effort. Hundreds of data points are evaluated and analyzed. This year’s report includes several compelling new findings. For example, we’ve calculated the average IT budget as a percentage of revenue, and we’ve plotted satisfaction scores for many of the important (and not-so-important) technologies used in hotels. The key takeaway? In 2014 it’s all about bandwidth. (And if you were wondering, Big Data is still a Big Mystery.)

Our cover story “POS Unchained” includes the findings from a reader poll on POS software solutions. Restaurants and their POS suppliers are eating mobile for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Judging from our survey results and vendors’ research and development efforts, if you’re a restaurant and don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re behind.

These reports come just in time for 2014 planning. We hope the information gleaned from them is useful for you, and wish you the very best in the year ahead.

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