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ASI Launches Version 17.0 of the Restaurant Manager POS System

POS manufacturer Action Systems, Inc (ASI) releases Restaurant Manager v17.0 and the Write-On Handheld v17.0. With secure wireless tableside payment processing, enhanced couponing features, real-time alerts and many other feature enhancements Restaurant Manager v17.0 brings new efficiencies to touchscreen POS systems.

In businesses that adopt the Write-On Handheld v17.0 for tableside order-taking, managers and owners now have instant access to their entire POS system from Windows-based PDAs and cell phones. At any time and from anywhere, from inside or outside of the restaurant, executives may now authorize a void, analyze sales data or execute other operations normally done from a full-sized computer.

ASI's Restaurant Manager POS System. "Pay-at-the -Table" speeds table turns by handling credit card or gift card swipes right at tableside. It also addresses the growing problem of credit card "skimming" by allowing the complete payment transaction to occur in front of the customer without the customer ever losing sight of their credit card. Pay-at-the-Table is most ideally suited for full service restaurants, stadiums, cocktail bars and other hospitality environments where payment is currently processed away from the customer, but it also works well in fast food establishments who wish to implement "line busting" services.

Alerts are messages manually and automatically sent to POS Stations, Write-On Handheld units and designated cell phones. Manual alerts usually seek authorization for certain transactions such as a void or comp and allow managers to use their cell phone or Write-On Handheld to reply immediately with approval codes. Manual alerts are used for general communications such as asking a manager to visit a particular table or take a phone call. Automatic alerts are sent whenever pre-programmed conditions are met. Such conditions might include the sale of a particular high priced menu item, labor reaching overtime or when sales targets are achieved. Pre-programmed conditions can also include data outside the POS system itself, such as an alert when the walk-in refrigerator goes above a certain temperature. The alert system can also email reports and other sales data. Restaurant Manager alerts provide incredibly powerful and flexible management tools for reining in costs and improving efficiencies.
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