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App Wars: Hospitality Fights for its Share of the iPhone Downloading Pie

iPhone sales are booming. A recent Apple press release states that more than 5.2 million iPhones were sold over the last quarter, representing a 626 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter. Additionally the App Store, which houses more than 65,000 apps, topped more than 1.5 million application downloads in its first year alone. As more and more consumers join the ranks of dedicated iPhone users, a new trend is developing in which businesses are tapping the app craze to promote their own companies, services and products.

A shift in app development
As the app craze continues to reach new zeniths, iPhone app development trends are seeing a shift in focus. Key indicators released by the iPhone application development network,, notes that medical, education, business, and book applications are among the most popular development requests. In the first quarter of 2009, there was a 50/50 split between business versus consumer application requests for development. In the second quarter, business application requests jumped 30 percent to reflect a 70/30 split.

What companies are battling for you iPhone attention? offers this roundup of recent business app developments.
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