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Alloso Technologies Delivers BI Reports via Mobile App

Alloso Technologies, a software development and consulting company specializing in portfolio management and performance improvement, will unveil a business intelligence iPhone app at the upcoming HITEC Conference.

Alloso's iPhone app displays a comprehensive dashboard on an iPhone or iPod Touch that accesses real-time summary information for general managers, regionals, and executives. It includes key performance indicators, P&L data, budget comparisons, revenue segments, expenses, competitive set data, and links to guest reviews.

The new iPhone app is an extension of Alloso's Portfolio One system, which is a Web-based financial reporting and business intelligence platform that consolidates information from many different hospitality and hotel brand systems. It provides in-depth financial reporting, expense management, and analytical capabilities for hotel management companies and asset managers. Portfolio One collects, filters, and analyzes information to facilitate successful expense containment and proactive decision-making.

With the new iPhone app, general managers will have immediate access to the actionable business insights delivered by Portfolio One via wireless or cellular coverage, anywhere in the world, at any time.

The iPhone app leverages the latest technology from MicroStrategy to deliver business intelligence reports and dashboards on mobile devices. Alloso received acclaim for the Portfolio One dashboard design at the MicroStrategy World Dashboard Showcase earlier this year.

Alloso will unveil the new iPhone app at the HITEC show in Orlando on June 21-24.

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