Women and Seniors Becoming 'Goldies' for Online Travel Market

The statistical survey performed by a worldwide online reservation center Orangesmile.com revealed two fascinating trends in the online-travel domain:

TREND 1: Women are becoming the majority-group in travel reservations made online.
In 2009, females reach the psychological milestone of 50% of the total bookings. That finding is quite interesting, considering the fact that in 2006 the gender distribution was fixed as 51.3/48.8% in favor of male-made bookings. It is expected that the trend will continue to reach 51.1% of female-made bookings in 2011.

The survey revealed four major reasons that drive this trend:

  • Women, as a consequence of a global feminization, are becoming more active in their business sphere and, moreover, are more often traveling alone.
  • Despite that the average female income is still lower than a male's, their average salary is growing faster.
  • Women are closing the gap in acquaintance with internet technologies.
  • The fact that women are responsible for family travels, empowers the above mentioned reasons.
TREND 2: Adults 55-plus are opening up and start using online travel centers intensively.
The strongest trend discovered is that the share of senior travel bookers is rapidly growing. In 2006 the senior-made booking share was 13.9%. In 2008 Orangilesmile.com recorded that share to be 16.7%. In 2009, they expect it to reach the level of 18.5%. The three-year increase is quite dramatic: 32%. Orangilesmile.com's predicted share of seniors in 2011 equals 21.5%.

There are 4 major influences of this trend:
  • Growing acquaintance (of the previously under-represented seniors) with the Internet.
  • Population is aging in general.
  • The internet-aware 'young' newcomers are jumping into the 55-plus category.
  • Social factors, such as relatively stable income, increasing quality of medicine support and social care.
Concluding, the global trends on feminization, aging and growing internet-awareness of previously under-represented seniors and females, influence rapid increase of the share of the these two population groups in travel reservations made online.

Download the complete survey.
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