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Web-based Tool Centralizes Wynn's 2,000+ Daily Concierge Transactions

Five years ago visionary hotelier Steve Wynn opened the doors to what has been recognized as one of the premier luxury resort experiences in America: Wynn Las Vegas. The 2,700-room property features a full-scale resort concierge service manned by a staff of 35 professionals who cover not only a lobby desk operation, but a busy call center handling more than 1,000 calls each day. Additionally, Wynn boasts a distinct, super-luxe Forbes 5-star experience known as the Tower Suites at Wynn. This posh 600-room enclave includes exclusive concierge services all its own. In late 2008, Wynn debuted Encore, a destination resort with more than 2,000 resort rooms, a dedicated concierge operation staffed by 30 representatives and a niche hotel-within-a-hotel called The Tower Suites at Encore. Assist any Wynn/Encore guest and you are acutely aware of the high level of expectation that surrounds every visit.
While the scale of the operation may be intimidating and the statistics daunting, Wynn's concierge team remains committed to the belief that it is the little things that keep their guests coming back. Whether it is the guest who prefers to have an arrangement of exquisite Elaine Wynn signature roses awaiting her arrival or the couple who wants to arrange for their nuptials to be held while skydiving, the concierge sees to every last detail. But just how do you track every fine point in a massive service operation entailing more than 2,000 individual guest transactions each day? The answer is called GoConcierge.

A Web-based solution
While Wynn's concierge operation is complex and sprawling, GoConcierge allows them to align information from several diverse desk locations and call centers seamlessly into one resource. The guest itinerary feature provides any one of their 54 concierge representatives immediate access to open and view all reservations and arrangements made on behalf of any guest. An Internet-based application, GoConcierge allows for full customization according to the specific needs of an individual property. Already established in several major Las Vegas resort locations, the program offers a pre-existing database of every reference point and resource a concierge needs to provide exemplary guest service. This expansive compilation of resource data is methodically updated and cataloged for easy reference, saving countless hours of data input and research. From a systems integration perspective, the installation of GoConcierge is as smooth and seamless a transition as one could hope for. A squadron of support staff is on hand for the all-important go-live, always at the ready and responsive to even the smallest hiccup. At a luxury property constantly striving to perfect the guest experience, the range of reporting available through Go Concierge is invaluable. The enhanced tracking features make running reports, whether snapshots or detailed listings, a breeze.

In their relentless quest to be the best of the best, Wynn and Encore count GoConcierge as a gem of a tool.
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