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Unique Garden Hotel Taps Into $3 Billion Tablet Market in Brazil with iPad Rollout

The Unique Garden Hotel & Spa has added an extra touch of luxury to each guest room with the installation of Intelity's ICE Touch on iPads. The partnership marks Intelity's first with a Brazilian property, and one that the company hopes will be one of many in Latin America, where tablets are quickly becoming a must-have item throughout the population. This year, retail value sales of tablets, such as Apple's iPad, are forecasted to reach $3.7 billion in Latin America, according to Euromonitor. Leading the region in tablet sales is Brazil, with approximately 46 percent of the 2013 predicted total sales value.
ICE Touch on iPads allows guests at the Unique Garden Hotel & Spa to connect with its staff in, what is for Brazilian travelers, an entirely new way. Access to a number of guest services is provided from a menu on the in-room iPad. Guests can also access the Internet and social networks.

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