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UniFocus' MEETINGScope Quantifies Revenue at Risk

The latest version of UniFocus's Meeting Planner Feedback system, MEETINGScope 3.0, a powerful web-based system available for producing actionable intelligence for venue providers, has been enhanced with the following new features:

  • Revenue at Risk: Operators can take a rating and now analyze and understand the revenue at risk associated with a property's performance for meetings and events. Based on the event planner's intent to return and recommend a property, operators will now know the "Cost of Quality." This includes the ability to clearly see dollar amount of revenue at risk from a dashboard, and slice results by property, region, or market segment to identify problem areas within a hotel portfolio and their related revenue impact.
  • Event Timeline: Easily determine what caused an event planner's business to be at risk for future meetings/events by looking at the results on a color-coded format by event dates.
  • Critical Issues: Attack the most critically important issues to the success of your meetings business
  • Service Recovery Index: Know how well staff is solving issues by problem type.
  • Issue Analysis Reporting: Put effective corrective actions into play that relate to the frequency and types of issues across a portfolio by property, region, or market segment.

MEETINGScope enables operators to instantly get a broad overview, quickly process results at the individual level or from multiple properties, quickly ascertain overall performance and identify what areas need immediate attention. The corporate level screen displays a critical issues summary, related problem and resolution, key trending metrics and a simple drill down for details—all of which help to impact loyalty and minimize revenues at risk.

UniFocus' MEETINGScope system streamlines communications, analyzes every aspect of critical service delivery factors, and provides historical data capture for trending and strategic planning—all of which enhance relationships with meeting planners. Survey results can also be related to guest and employee feedback, then analytically compared with mystery evaluations to produce a whole new level of actionable intelligence.

Also, there is no system comparable to MEETINGScope that can match the right staff with the right meetings, utilizing a database of more than 250,000 meeting-planner profiles. Coupled with rich-media online sales tools, venue providers can gain more traction in booking the events which are a critical source of revenue.

The real-time nature of MEETINGScope provides an important competitive differentiator by enabling quicker response to service issues, shorter recovery time and a consistently positive experience at every touch point.

Among the additional benefits MEETINGScope offers are:

  • Web-based survey technology and e-mail correspondence -- essential to reaching meeting planners -- that delivers higher response rates and maintains statistical reliability.
  • Immediate "Hot Button" reports showing important service concerns, even in first-time-business situations.
  • A database of more than 250,000 meeting-planner profiles.
  • Benchmarking, team performance and results reporting across each department that are delivered in an online system in real-time.
  • An integrated Action Plan Tracking System that ties directly to Meeting Planner Response System to ensure that proper service recovery occurs.

MEETINGScope training and support provided by a UniFocus team that has decades of hospitality and meeting sales experience.

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