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Travel Site Partners with SiteMinder

GoIndonesia is joining SiteMinder’s new Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) to gain faster and direct access to hotel reservation systems. RDX is the first connectivity platform has chosen to connect with.’s new connection with RDX will enable the rapidly expanding reservations site to connect directly with major PMS and CRS systems, meaning hotels can easily manage their distribution to will be able to directly contract with ease the hotel clients of the many technology companies that use RDX to power their distribution products, including SiteMinder’s own Channel Manager. is a major online travel agent in Indonesia featuring properties in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore as well as across Indonesia including Bali. is a member of the Kaha Group, one of Indonesia’s leading tour and travel companies.
RDX is the only real time hotel room exchange platform, eliminating the gap between hotel reservation systems and booking channels. RDX helps PMS and CRS vendors, hotel chains and booking channels connect directly to their key partners, improving business efficiency and their bottom line. With ever-increasing complexity and costs associated with online distribution, RDX significantly alters the distribution supply chain and changes the way industry players operate. RDX is by SiteMinder.   

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