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Top POS Stories from September: Mobile Madness Continues

The point of sale in hospitality continues to decentralize. As mobile aps (and mobile food trucks!) gain ground, the PCI Council scrambles to keep security guidance on pace with innovation.
Domino's Achieves $1M in Weekly Sales from iPhone Ordering App
Just three months since its launch, the new Domino's App for iPhone and iPod touch has achieved $1 million in sales over a single week.
The new breed of lunch truck is aggressively gourmet, tech-savvy and politically correct.
Google marks its official entrance into the NFC-payment space with the introduction of Google Wallet. HT takes an in-depth look at this mobile payment advancement and its potential benefit to restaurants. Plus, Robert Notte, VP of IT for Jamba Juice, reveals the details behind his company's Google Wallet pilot.
Many of the chain's franchisees have added biometrics to their POS systems to prevent the sharing of employee PINs, which in the past were responsible for driving up food and labor costs.
Hospitality execs are flocking to table-side and mobile payment apps. But with Category 3 apps still delisted, what does the Council advice? Bob Russo, general manager for the PCI Council, reveals what progress has been made regarding Category 3 applications, the major challenges concerned with their certification, and what operators can do in the meantime to secure their devices.
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