Telkonet's Latest Smart Thermostat Offers Enhanced Energy Management Features

Telkonet, Inc. has unveiled an upgraded version of its highly successful Telkonet SmartEnergy (TSE) energy management thermostat, the SS5200 smart thermostat. The SS5200 is the newest member of Telkonet's energy management smart thermostat family, and incorporates valuable modifications in both its hardware and software, including:

  • Increased options involving deep setback modes
  • Freeze and overheat protection trip point that overrides set point/mode
  • Increased Building Management System (BMS) integration
  • Field selectable wireless transmitting power levels
  • Modular radio board for easy upgrades

With a more expansive and capable processor, the SS5200 smart thermostat offers expanded data loggers for detailed energy saving statistics.

With an integrated antenna and no sensor wiring, installation is quick, taking just minutes per room. One of the most valuable features is the wireless communication range of the SS5200 smart thermostat. Utilizing a 900MHz frequency, the SS5200 easily penetrates even the harshest wireless environments. Signal disruptors, such as thick concrete walls, once made it impractical to use a wireless energy management solution. However, the SS5200 has such exceptional wireless communication capability that it communicates easily and reliably while drawing even less power than earlier models.

In addition to an expanded wireless communication range, the SS5200 also includes the option for a wired Ethernet port. When networked through either the wireless ZigBee network or the new wired Ethernet port, the thermostat and occupancy sensor form the core of Networked Telkonet SmartEnergy (NTSE). NTSE enables SS5200 smart thermostats to communicate with each other and aggregate communications to the on-site master NSTE Gateway Server. Property management can then monitor and control HVAC systems remotely and in real-time via a web-based management console.

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