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TeleAdapt Offers New Ways for Hotel Guests to Use their iPod/iPhone in the Hotel Room

TeleAdapt, a global supplier of hotel products designed to keep hotel guests connected, announces it will unveil at IHM & RS 2009 in New York a new way for hotels to offer iPod and iPhone connectivity in their guestrooms. The new Audio / Video Pull-Through connects iPods and iPhones to the in-room TV so guests can watch their downloaded video and movies in high quality on the flat screen TV, as well as listen to their own music through the in-room TV speakers.
TeleAdapt will be demonstrating the Audio / Video Pull-Through at their IHM & RS exhibit, booth #3167, to hoteliers looking for an inexpensive way to give their guests iPod connectivity that goes beyond the audio-only clock radio dock.
  • The new Audio/Video Pull-Through comes equipped with the following:
  • An Apple-specific cable for audio and video playback
  • iPod-specific 30pin connector dock faces the guest for connecting an iPod or iPhone
  • Back-end cables connect to the composite audio/video ports on the in-room TV
  • These connections allow audio playback through the in-room TV surround sound speakers as well as video playback for watching movies and video through the in-room TV screen
  • Weighted base that holds the cable in place
  • Acrylic DeskCard insert holder for guest/user instructions
With pricing starting at $49.00 each, the Audio / Video Pull-Through is an affordable alternative to a full MediaHub, an all-in-one connectivity panel that allows guests to enjoy personal audio and video content from any portable device through the in-room TV.
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