'Talking' Digital Signage Network Aims to Boost Customer Engagement, Ad Revenue

A new licensing agreement reached between iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. and RTown Communications will change the way that hotels and advertisers communicate with hotel guests.
Starting in early June 2011, through iSIGN Media's technology that allows digital signs to 'talk and interact' with guests' mobile devices, advertisers on the RTown's Hotel TV network can deliver branded content, special offers and coupons, discounts, loyalty program messages and other rich-media offerings  of guests' choosing directly onto their mobile devices. iSIGN Media's IMS 3.1 interactive messaging software will be installed into RTown's expansive digital signage network of 27,000 hotel rooms in 346 locations across Canada to interact directly with guests' mobile devices through Bluetooth technology, known as proximity marketing.
The partnership enables hotels to leverage the connected consumer's habits to increase ad revenues and engagement with the hotel brand - both key factors in creating lucrative repeat business. Both companies and participating hotels and resorts within the network anticipate increased advertiser participation and revenues as the program launches around the country in June.
Roll-out will commence with integration of iSIGN's technology into RTown's existing digital signage network in Vancouver, and hotel networks in Whistler and Kelowna. The advertising solution will offer measurement and metrics to existing advertisers and attract others who will want accountability and measurement of their advertisements in real-time.
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