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SiteMinder Intros Online Distribution Technology

SiteMinder has announced the launch of the Room Distribution Exchange (RDX) - an industry platform allowing hotel systems and online booking channels around the globe to connect directly over the web without needing to use third party distribution intermediaries.
RDX allows Property Management Systems (PMS) and Central Reservation Systems (CRS) vendors, as well as hotel chains with bespoke CRSs, to operate and fully support their own branded distribution platform, providing full, two-way, seamless connectivity to hundreds of channels including OTAs (online travel agents), wholesalers, GDS systems, and social media channels. The entire system is cloud-based and it is as simple as a hotel system plugging into the exchange for instant, two-way, seamless connectivity to hundreds of channels.
RDX allows PMS and CRS vendors to completely run their own branded distribution platform, thereby enhancing their product’s functionality, marketability and generating new revenue streams, while keeping a direct support relationship with their hotel customers. According to SiteMinder, the key is that there are no third party channel management service providers required as part of the picture.
For hotel chains with their own CRS systems, RDX solves the complex issues when it comes to two-way channel connectivity. Rather than manage a disparate network of relationships and connectivity partners, RDX gives hotel chains all the two-way connectivity they require via one platform, as well as the tools to manage the system as their own and centralize support for their own hotels without worrying about running the underlying technology backbone themselves.

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