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'The Sherry' Elevates Online Communications with Digital Alchemy

The Sherry-Netherland, a Manhattan landmark and luxury hotel, partnered with Digital Alchemy for its Customer Relationship Management, guest communications and digital marketing solutions; Recently, the property, known as ‘The Sherry’ to its guests, experienced increased customer interaction thanks to the simple effectiveness of online comment cards.
“In the past, only a tiny percentage of our guests filled out in-room cards," said Kristina Kinet, The Sherry's Rooms Division Manager. “Now, Digital Alchemy’s online surveys give us excellent feedback and more opportunities to delight our guests. We receive an email message immediately after each guest completes a survey and we review it at once to refine our service and respond to any issues.”
The Sherry's managing director personally replies by email to each guest comment. “The slightest criticism elicits a personal phone call. Our guests are always pleased that their comments were taken very seriously. They are happy to know there are people behind the technology and that we honor their requests."
The Sherry also touches guests before they even arrive with Digital Alchemy's Reservation Confirmations that include the reservation agent’s name, the hotel creates a personal connection from the first email.
“Guests experience The Sherry's refined approach seconds after their booking and throughout their stay,” said Kinet. “In addition to confirmations and Comment Cards, Digital Alchemy provides us with Pre-Stay Marketing and Thank You Notes. We rely on Digital Alchemy to help us show our guests who we are and how we can serve them."
Kinet noted that a refined communications appearance is essential.  "We do not have the marketing budget of The Plaza. We must engage guests with a visual presentation of our unique, luxurious qualities. But how do we get the word out? We use visual images. All our Digital Alchemy emails present visuals of what a guest can expect. Our COO is an artist and understands the importance of attractive, representative visual graphics."
“It is essential that we communicate with The Sherry’s guests in a way that feels like they're being touched by a person. Digital Alchemy handles our communications quickly and professionally in real time,” says Kinet. "If I need to update our email communication, Digital Alchemy does it immediately.”
Digital Alchemy provides dynamic 2-way mobile messaging on one integrated platform tailored for guests’ requests and feedback, satisfying guests with instant service while freeing up hotel staff.
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