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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Email.

How Restaurants Should Communicate with Customers During COVID-19

Having consistent, regular communication will go a long way in ensuring you don’t lose your customer base.

How Diamond Resorts Increased Email Engagement and Success

For brands like Diamond Resorts, it’s more important than ever to utilize the latest in communication technology to maintain their status as major competitors.

Email campaigns, paid search and paid social media projected to be first channels to come back in the next 60 days.

From pre- to post-stay, how hotels can benefit from enabling seamless experiences. Sponsored.

Many are finding that revisiting an old standby—email—can be a powerful weapon in winning the online travel wars.

email marketing

A/B testing provided insight into customer behavior while increasing conversion rates by optimizing individual features of Wyndham’s digital experience, one at a time.

Email club members are eligible to win dinner at a Tiny IHOP in Los Angeles.

When it comes to hotel marketing strategies, email remains an effective tool and a fairly inexpensive one at that.

Incorporating digital marketing activities into an everyday work routine can help maximize growth. Chief consultant for Piedmont Avenue Consulting, David Mitroff, offers tips to strengthen loyalty and increase new business with social and e-media strategies.

Insight tool from SumAll helped a residence-style Miami property see direct correlations between marketing efforts and social activity, so it could alter its timing to best match engagement goals.

CIO Kevin Verde retells his company's recent switch from open source e-mail and collaboration software to Google Apps, and the affect that it is having on staff productivity. Learn why 91% of staff say that the new system is an "improvement over their previous solution."

The Hutton Hotel combines video, photos and e-mail to create vibrant marketing to attract meeting and event planners.

A move to a standardized e-mail signature has allowed Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to capitalize on critical mass e-marketing opportunities.

According to Toast POS, 68% of diners believe their dining experience improves when a server uses a handheld tablet, but only 41% of restaurants use this technology.

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