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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Email.

How Restaurants Should Communicate with Customers During COVID-19

Having consistent, regular communication will go a long way in ensuring you don’t lose your customer base.

How Diamond Resorts Increased Email Engagement and Success

For brands like Diamond Resorts, it’s more important than ever to utilize the latest in communication technology to maintain their status as major competitors.

Email campaigns, paid search and paid social media projected to be first channels to come back in the next 60 days.

Many are finding that revisiting an old standby—email—can be a powerful weapon in winning the online travel wars.

email marketing

A/B testing provided insight into customer behavior while increasing conversion rates by optimizing individual features of Wyndham’s digital experience, one at a time.

Email club members are eligible to win dinner at a Tiny IHOP in Los Angeles.

STG is a strategic private equity firm.

Hotel guests are more lenient with email and social media requests; they're willing to wait approximately 30 minutes for a response.

A second game inspired hundreds of new member sign-ups.

Resorts work with Digital Alchemy to mine PMS database for guest preference emails that combine recognition with high revenue.

The Rewards Platform is leveraged by 14 pizza restaurants to boost guest visits and spend with tailored Pizza Month campaigns.

The communication and digital marketing company handles the property's confirmation emails, pre-arrival letters and post-stay eSurveys.

The hotel group merged its digital presence into one single experience combining editorial content, e-commerce, and providing seamless booking immediacy.

The goal is to increase per-stay revenue and help retain guests through enhanced guest experience.

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