Sensory Unveils Custom Voice Assistant Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Sensory Inc. announced the alpha release of its end-to-end platform that provides all of the tools companies need to create powerful brand-driven voice assistants that combine biometrics, computer vision and customer analytics.

It can be fully deployed in an embedded or cloud environment. Embedded usage enhances consumer privacy for products like home appliances, IoT and mobile apps, while a cloud-based deployment may be preferred for in store point-of-sale kiosks or drive through restaurants. Regardless of deployment, companies retain full ownership and control of their customer data and never have to share it with big data corporations.

It is not intended to be a do-everything assistant platform that competes with Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant. Sensory’s AI suite is instead designed to handle specific functions with greater accuracy while being easy to use. It also allows companies to deploy a totally customized user experience. Its modular software design affords companies the ability to add or remove certain AI modules or capabilities to create new customer experiences or add on to an existing application.

Each conversation starts with a custom branded wake word which is designed to invoke the brand. This is accomplished with Sensory’s award-winning TrulyHandsfree always listening wake word engine. Once the conversation is started, the customer then has a fully conversational interaction with Sensory’s TrulyNatural speech recognition and natural language engine. As the conversation progresses, it applies Sensory’s latest AI models to analyze the customer’s voice data for demographic information and emotional state. This allows companies to provide personalized recommendations based on various customer metrics. In parallel to the voice interaction, Sensory’s biometric recognition technologies get to know customers and remember their habits from the moment they first interact with a custom voice assistant. Powered by TrulySecure biometric fusion technology, it can identify repeat customers and offer micro-personalized suggestions based on their purchase history. This information can be acted upon in real time and enables an unprecedented level of personalization for each unique customer experience.

The initial release of  Sensory’s AI suite has been customized to serve the fast-casual, quick service restaurant industry and is capable of processing voice orders in mobile apps, kiosks and drive-thru scenarios.