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Artificial Intelligence / AI

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Artificial Intelligence / AI.

White Castle Tech Execs Share Vision for CX at Restaurant Next

Susan Carroll-Boser, VP of IT, and Michael Guinan, VP of Ops, talk about the QSR’s “biggest leap technologically” since launching its app and how it will all come together with AI and machine learning in the next gen drive-thru.

Brand unification allows for enhanced support options for customers through self-service, agent AI and bot software.

30-Year Industry Veteran to Lead the Charge on Volan’s Revolutionary Safety Technology for Hotels, Cruise Lines and Events

BOUNTE Protect™ tracks lost property with a free smartphone app and stores items in a sealed BOUNTE bag for improved hygiene and security.

Houndify voice AI platform to power Mastercard’s drive-thru voice ordering feature for QSRs. Dunkin' and White Castle will pilot the solution in Q4.

Managed Services Include Internet, WiFi, High Definition TV and Facial Recognition.

Before implementing any technology, consider your team’s scalability needs and capabilities, the time horizon of any investment you make, and how the tech will work with other solutions you already have in place.

Temperature checks alone are not enough to determine if a person has COVID-19; testing for oxygen saturation, respiration rate and heart rate variability are also important.

When hotels know what guests are searching for, they can adapt marketing messages, personalize offerings, and more to increase their chances of a booking.

Mastercard’s AI powered drive-thru platform using Rekor’s vehicle recognition technology will begin on-location pilots at White Castle locations in October and will roll out with other QSRs later in the year.

Menin Hospitality is embracing the voice-based on-command solution for its ability to boost operating efficiency, drive revenues, and deliver a contactless guest experience.

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