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Sandals Uses Web-Based Bandwidth Management App to Perform Back-Office Tasks

With the growing dependency on Internet access via a variety of mobile and in-room devices, properly managing and billing for bandwidth is more important than ever before. Sandals Resorts International (SRI) relies on Guarded Systems and its XcessPro solution to manage the wired and wireless HISA installation at its 22 hotels throughout the Caribbean.
Sandals depends on Guarded Systems to deliver a wired and wireless infrastructure that supports a myriad applications, from reliable, ultra-high-speed broadband for guests, to digital signage, VoIP, point-of-sale and video applications. XcessPro performs back-office tasks -- such as guest authentication, billing and usage control -- to support more than 5,000 guestrooms.
Guarded XcessPro is an on-demand software platform for user management, branding and access control for hotel public Internet access systems. The system, which can be configured for an independent hotel or a multi-brand enterprise, offers flexibility and options in the management and control of the wired or wireless guest Internet process. It integrates with all Nomadix functionality seamlessly and is hosted in the cloud.
In addition to better billing and control of the HSIA network, the Guarded XcessPro solution:
Promotes corporate identify and brand management through customization
Provides an intuitive interface easy to use by non-technical staff
Enables guests to roam between wired and wireless networks and (optionally) prevents guestroom users from gaining free access to meeting room, boardroom or other area WiFi

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