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SALTO Launches RFID Hotel Door Lock

AElement is a new RFID hotel lock from SALTO Systems that provides an enhanced guest experience using on-line wireless technology and features stunning, cutting edge design.

Developed specifically for the hotel market, AElement allows operators to integrate all of their physical security needs into one stylish, energy efficient, reliable wire-free system. It enables hoteliers to control the security of their entire building, grant access privileges to individual rooms and gather audit trail data from every door, all without leaving the front desk.

And thanks to SALTO's new WiDNA technology, hoteliers no longer have to choose between the on-line and off-line world. All AElement locks are designed to be wireless ready right out of the box, users simply choose whether the functionality is activated or not.

System backbone
The backbone of the system is a series of gateways and repeaters that act as antennas, collecting and sending information from the computer server directly to the wireless locks. One gateway can manage several electronic locks as well as repeaters, minimizing infrastructure costs and maximizing flexibility.

It operates on a 2.4GHz wireless network over an 802.15.4 protocol and works with every popular mainstream RFID technology such as Mifare and Desfire, the latest versions of Mifare Plus and Desfire EV1, as well as with standard low cost hotel guest cards. And thanks to its automated "self healing" capabilities plus SALTO patented SVN network redundancy, if AElement should lose RF connection at any time it will automatically scan for a new connection to an alternative gateway or repeater, restoring communication and maintaining security.

Advanced security and convenient access management are its core values enabling simple management of guest cards and doors as well as staff cards and back of house doors in a single system. AElement features a wide range of advanced and innovative hotel management benefits including instant room move and instant extended stay abilities as well as lost card cancellation, intrusion alarm, door ajar alarm, remote opening, real time audit trail, passage mode activation for meeting rooms and automated low battery reporting.

For staff management it can provide on-line staff tracking, real time monitoring, dynamic master key functionality and instant master card cancellation. All master cards are uniquely assigned to the specific individual, and have no limitations to how a locking plan is conceived. The card does not need to belong to a group and you can also centrally authorize any card at random and list doors or zones with no need for grouping.

There is also no need to issue and collect staff cards every day. Staff cards can be programmed not to work at night (outside their individual time shift) and can be centrally cancelled at will at a moments notice, and changes to the locking schedule can be made on the fly, with no need to manually re-program locks or re-issue cards.

The minimalistic design of its RFID reader looks stylish and discreet on any door. It is available in two contemporary colours, Pearl Black and Ice White, and can be combined with a wide range of designer handles, including a selection from Italian manufacturer Olivari exclusive to SALTO, to make a bold statement that will complement and enhance the interior design of any hotel.

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