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SAFLOK, Control4 Partnership Brings Guestrooms to Life at the Click of a Lock

SAFLOK has recently announced a collaboration with Control4. As a leader in electronic locking systems and part of the Kaba Group, SAFLOK has integrated some of its best-selling Messenger technology on the Control4 Suite Systems for "smart rooms" at hotel properties.
The SAFLOK lock essentially becomes part of an online virtual network that uses the ZigBee mesh to communicate with Control4 Suite Systems' in-room controllers. With the SAFLOK software inside the Control4 hubs, properties will utilize one communications backbone and maximize the benefits of a single infrastructure. As the "gateway," the lock maintains a key role in communicating access information to the in-room coordinators, which in turn determine how the in-room appliances such as lamps, thermostats, or the TV will respond. This leveraging of technology is expected to provide properties with an improved bottom line.
When the guest walks in, the room will come to life. When guests aren't in the room, the system will help with energy management. Heating/cooling, lighting, TVs and other appliances can be turned off or down to greener settings when the room is unoccupied. Any customized settings will be remembered for return visits from this guest.
SAFLOK Messenger is an online lock communication system that operates on the internationally accepted ZigBee Prostack protocol. The LENS component was introduced as part of this system earlier this year. LENS refers to Lock Event Notification System which is a subscriber-publisher program that routes and displays messages from the locks in real-time. The Control4 Suite System also uses ZigBee wireless technology for its reliable automation system. Hotel property management can operate from one to 10,000 properties remotely with this system.
A flagship installation of the SAFLOK and Control4 integration is currently under construction in Las Vegas. The MGM CityCenter Las Vegas is set to open in December 2009.
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