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Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa Leverages Web-based Concierge Tool to Field Nearly 600 Guest Inquiries

At the luxurious Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, GoConcierge is making it easy for concierge, front desk, bell and butler staff to deliver the kind of extravagant and flawless experience guests expect. Web-based GoConcierge, which is produced by Los Angeles-based, is the lodging industry's leading guest service operations system.

GoConcierge was first implemented in December 2008 for the concierge team. Since that time, it has been gradually expanded to other departments. According to Judy Philippi, chef concierge and a Les Clef d'Or member, communication is the biggest challenge in her department that fields up to 400 calls and 200 in-person requests daily.

"Efficiency is key," Philippi says. "Concierges value the guests' time and providing information in an efficient manner is key to getting the guests out and enjoying their vacation or productive in their meetings."

Unlike traditional paper-based, log book types of systems, GoConcierge is always online and always accessible, providing each associate with the same view of daily tasks in real time. The Guest Task Calendar is color coded, making it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks. With just a few clicks, these can be entered and located. Because a history of each guest's request is stored in GoConcierge, it is easy to generate itineraries. These can be printed or e-mailed in a matter of seconds along with a personalized confirmation letter on stationery that includes the hotel's logo. Point-to-point directions and maps also can be generated easily.

Information accessible quickly
"GoConcierge has the links we use most frequently in one spot," Philippi says. "Important documents are available at our fingertips. Additionally, whenever we have an important piece of on-property news—if the pool deck is closed, for example—we add it to the notes section of GoConcierge to ensure everyone is informed."

A customized location database within GoConcierge enables anyone using it to quickly identify area restaurants and attractions. "I love the ability to customize the tool bars in GoConcierge," Philippi says.

Philippi says the resort's front desk and bell staff have been maximizing GoConcierge's new text messaging capability. "When we have rooms that are not quite ready, a text message can be sent to guests to let them know their rooms are ready," she explains. "The bell captain can communicate with chauffeurs who are in transport or at the airport."

Giving multiple departments access to GoConcierge ensures that no guest is turned away when the concierge desk is closed. If there is a message that needs to be relayed to a concierge for the next day, it can be left in GoConcierge by the associate at the front desk. After hours, bell and front desk staff can also print boarding passes—a task typically done by a concierge.

Guest preferences kept in GoConcierge
Butlers working at Red Rock use GoConcierge to track guest preferences in guest profiles. Prior to GoConcierge, this was done in spreadsheets. Reporting is also much easier with GoConcierge, Philippi says.

"We do a lot of group business," she says. "We are able to track how we have assisted those groups. I am able to generate staff productivity reports that show me the quantity of tasks accomplished by the hour. We can also produce calendar reports—what occurred during a specific snapshot in time."

There are typically two to three concierges working at any one time in the lobby area of the resort. Because GoConcierge is Web-based, Philippi explains, "You don't need to be sitting at your desk to utilize it."

She adds that GoConcierge is user friendly and easy to learn, even for the novice.

"My personal experience with GoConcierge has been extraordinary," she says. "The team at is incredibly responsive and attentive. They understand the need for efficiency."

Philippi emphasized that she is currently looking at expanding GoConcierge to at least one other department at the resort.

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