QSR with Self Service Kiosks, Pickup Cubbies Launches in Toronto

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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At Cubby, guests order via kiosk from 5 restaurants' menus and pickup their orders from self-serve cubbies.

Naan & Kabob, a premium QSR and catering group in Toronto, launched a restaurant with kiosks and self-serve pickup cubbies.

Here in the US there have been a few concepts using self-service ordering kiosks and pickup cubbies. Pioneers in the US space include Brightloom, formerly eatsa, and Little Caesars Pizza's self-service mobile order pick-up station, known as the Pizza Portal. 

The Toronto venture was developed by restaurant industry veterans, Fahim Ahmadi and Jay Yordi of the Naan & Kabob Group.

"The new Cubby Smart Kitchen is designed to offer customers a delicious taste….of the future", said Ahmadi. "Our self-serve order kiosks and food cubbies make the entire experience easy, seamless and fun."

The co-founders deep expertise improves on the recent "virtual kitchen" concept and introduces a Smart Kitchen, designed to optimize operations while ensuring consistency of product, service and experience, making Cubby particularly well suited to both contactless service and food delivery.

Optimized for Off Prem

Yordi, Cubby's CEO, says that "the significant and continuing shift to delivery services has created a unique opportunity for the convergence of self service automation and our innovative, new smart kitchen concept."

Cubby will offer customers not one, but five restaurant brands to choose from, each offering a unique menu. These five globally inspired menus, using only the highest quality ingredients, halal meats and locally sourced produce, will allow customers to sample a diversity of vibrant flavors; these five unique brands were curated to appeal to a wide variety of foodies, including vegetarians and vegans.

Cubby offers a diverse menu offering, high quality food, and innovative, efficient order and service system.