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POS Introductions Focus on Affordability, Functionality and Flexibility

AZT POS Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of AZT POS-8020 and AZT POS-8080, two new Point of Sale terminals. The AZT POS-8020/8080 offer a cost effective, 15-inch POS touchscreen display solution that offers a great deal of flexibility and functionality for management, making the terminals ideal for retail, restaurant, grocery, and convenience store operations of any size. The compact unit also supports various Microsoft operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE Embedded and the latest version of Windows Embedded POSReady. AZT POS terminals come with a three-year warranty. All repairs qualifying under this Warranty will be performed by the AZT product service center in Irvine, CA. The goal of AZT POS Corporation is to offer the most value for hardware investments.  
Powering the AZT POS-8020 and POS-8080 is the Intel Atom 1.8GHz Dual Core processor, which enables silent operation without sacrificing computing power. Designed with a built-in magnetic stripe reader, these POS terminals provide a space-saving, one-piece solution suitable for various settings. Furthermore, the rugged construction and design guarantee an extended life cycle.
The customer display of the AZT POS-8020 allows customers to confirm their orders and monitor the cash tendering process, thereby improving order accuracy and customer satisfaction. The dual display of the AZT POS-8080 can be utilized as a multimedia application. As the primary screen provides transaction service, the secondary screen can be programmed to show the POS transaction, display commercial ads, specials, or promotions. The terminal is also capable of displaying full-motion video, which will garner further attention from customers.
The terminals come equipped with multiple I/O ports make it possible to use AZT POS-8020/8080 with a wide range of peripherals. These include four USB ports, PS2, serial, LAN, and RJ11 ports. The terminals are also equipped with a VGA connector reserved for other devices.

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