Perfect Company Debuts Solution to Tackle Food Waste

Perfect Company introduces Perfect ProMeasure. Perfect ProMeasure software and a compatible scale deliver accurate recipe execution enabling foodservice and restaurant kitchens to increase profitability, better control food cost, lessen waste and improve customer satisfaction.

The new offering debuted at the Welbilt and Delfield display at the International Pizza Expo and Conference August 17-19th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Its integrated into Delfield’s Smart Make Table Scale powered by Perfect Company’s ProMeasure software.

Sustainability Matters Again

Consumers are increasingly aware of hospitality companies' sustainability initiatives and preferences. According to its 2020 Sustainability ReportChipotle Mexican Grill  achieved a 51% waste diversion rate through recycling, composting, and waste-to-energy programs, reaching a key goal outlined in its 2018 Sustainability Report. Other brands are disclosing more information about their practices:  In collaboration with World Resources Institute (WRI), Panera is labeling climate-friendly "Cool Food Meals" on its menu—those meals that have a low impact on the climate.  And in Texas,  The Richter Tavern showcased a HerdX blockchain tracked and verified beef shipment. In 2022, Just Salad will expand its Reusable Bowl Program to digital orders and offer participating customers loyalty rewards in its mobile app.

Ingredient waste is one of the most pervasive issues commercial kitchens face. ProMeasure software and connected scale offer a straight-forward, intuitive way for kitchen teams to portion any ingredient accurately and quickly, lowering the opportunity for food waste and ensuring recipe consistency.

Cheese is the primary component of food cost for restaurant pizza. The industry typically relies on simple scales, written job aids and crew memory that slow down production and allow human error into the process. In contrast, ProMeasure provides easy-to-use, customized guidance that empowers staff on the make line to take control of food cost and eliminate variance, while increasing productivity. Perfect Company’s patented real-time visual and audio feedback allows kitchen crews to properly prepare items with minimal training and memorization. The fully integrated solution requires zero screen touches and can keep up with the fastest crew members. The small footprint, commercially durable and lightweight scale can be integrated into any make table.

Perfect Company’s offerings, including kitchen workflow and pick-up technology, integrate with and extend existing POS and restaurant management systems to increase the return on current technology investments.

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