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Partnership Adds Conversational AI to Kiosks

As consumers' concerns about touching surfaces reach a fever pitch, two tech companies have teamed up to bring conversational AI to self-service kiosks, giving customers the option for contactless self service.  

Valyant AI, a Colorado-based artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on customer service in the quick-serve restaurant (QSR) industry, partnered with Kiosk Information Systems (Kiosk), a global supplier of self-service kiosk solutions, to create contactless experiences driven by conversational AI.  

Talk to the Kiosk

Conversational AI automates communication to create personalized customer experiences at scale. Designed to simulate human dialogue, conversational AI enables ongoing interactions with customers using natural language. Valyant’s proprietary conversational AI platform reduces wait times, increases average upsell and provides insights into the business. Coupled with digital kiosk technology, this technology provides a touchless solution for businesses spanning hospitality, retail and health care.

By combining conversational AI with digital kiosk technology, users no longer need to touch the screen to trigger actions — the platform takes orders, answers questions and completes transactions for users using only voice commands.

As HT previously reported, Valyant AI teamed up with Good Times Burger and Frozen Custard for a successful test of the conversational AI in the QSR's drive thru last year

Self-service kiosks aid social distancing efforts and provide convenience for customers who prefer a touch-free experience. The deployment of digital kiosks is also important to the safety and well-being of essential employees working to keep our economy moving. Restaurant employees, for example, can come into contact with hundreds of different customers over the course of a day. With conversational AI kiosks, there is now sophisticated adjunct technology to provide customers with fast, personalized service while protecting employees and enabling them to focus on more value-add activities.  


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