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Pacific Bells Offers Daily Pay Benefit

QSR offers DailyPay benefit as it looks to recruit and retain employees.
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QSR Pacific Bells LLC, is offering the employees at its 300+ restaurants the option to access their earned income instantly. Through this partnership, Pacific Bells’ nearly 6,000 team members nationwide now have access to DailyPay.

Pacific Bells will leverage DailyPay to hire employees faster and retain them for longer. According to recent research, when companies offer an on-demand pay benefit to their staff, they hire 52% faster, with employees staying up to 73% longer.

“Our partnership with DailyPay demonstrates our commitment to our most important asset: our people,” said Melissa Johnston, Vice President of Human Resources at Pacific Bells. “This important benefit is a prime example of our commitment to supporting the financial wellness of our valued team members.” Pacific Bells features a nationally recognized and forward-thinking payroll team, which was awarded the American Payroll Association’s Prism Award for Payroll Management in 2020.

“When we decided to offer our Team Members earned wage access, I knew as a payroll professional that we needed to work with a partner that would have the most positive impact on the project. It was important that we found a partner who would help ensure minimal burden was added to our payroll team and HRIS team,” said Sarah Chasney, Director of Payroll & HRIS at Pacific Bells. “DailyPay is the gold-standard in the industry, and I’m excited to have their partnership and support as we offer our workforce this incredibly impactful benefit.”

Help Wanted Everywhere

Tech tools can help to increase job satisfaction for a more positive workplace culture, which is highly correlated to retention. Pacific Bells move to comes as restaurants of all sizes are getting creative with employee benefits as they look to hire and retain employees. Gusto Restaurants added a cashless tip tech for employee payouts.

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DailyPay is the latest impactful benefit Pacific Bells offers across its frontline restaurant services personnel, making the QSR company a first-choice place to work. Additional benefits offered by Pacific Bells include a full range of health and retirement plan benefits and tuition reimbursement.

Pay Day Any Day

“I really like it. It helps me in a pinch when I need to pay a bill,” said Antonio Ruiz, a Pacific Bells team member.

DailyPay is the technology platform that enables employees to access or save their pay as they earn it, without having to wait for the traditional payday. During the pandemic, the demand for DailyPay grew exponentially as companies realized the positive impact this technology offers.

“DailyPay works with a rapidly growing number of businesses in the restaurant industry, and we’ve seen firsthand how challenging employee recruitment and retention can be, especially in today’s labor shortage,” said Jeanniey Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay. “Through this partnership, DailyPay and Pacific Bells are bringing financial flexibility and stability to thousands of restaurant workers, which has been proven to help employees better engage and retain their workforce.”

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