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Gusto 54 Group Adds Cashless Tip Tech

XTM's Tipstoday Earned Gratuity Access solution is replacing cash at Gusto 54 Restaurants.

Azhar Kitchen, the newest addition to the Gusto 54 family of restaurants, has chosen XTM's cashless Earned Gratuity Access solution for employee payouts.

Toronto-based Gusto 54 restaurants include:  Trattoria Nervosa, Gusto 101, Gusto 501, Chubby's, Felix, Azhar, Kiin, PAI and Gusto Green.

With many restaurants facing staffing shortages, same day payouts are an incentive to re-attract employees to the food and hospitality industry.

"A great restaurant is comprised of many moving parts," said Janet Zuccarini, CEO and Owner of Gusto 54.  "Everyone, from the chef and operators, to the front and back of the house play an essential role in creating the ultimate dining experience.  This is why we make supporting our staff a priority and providing them fast access to their earned gratuities in a safe and convenient method is a way to demonstrate our commitment. Our relationship with XTM and leveraging the Tipstoday program supports our goal of  operational excellence."

Help Wanted Everywhere

Three-fourths of restaurants (74%) say their top challenge is recruiting employees, according to the  National Restaurant Association's mid-year supplement to the 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry Report. Operators have been offering incentives for new hires and added benefits for existing employees.  Tech tools can help to increase job satisfaction for a more positive workplace culture, which is highly correlated to retention

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XTM's Tipstoday Earned Gratuity Access solution is replacing cash at restaurants and hair salons in the US and Canada.
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