Our Shared Values

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Our Shared Values

By Robert Firpo-Cappiello - 05/15/2020
Robert Firpo-Cappiello

Everything has changed, right? 

Whether you’re reading this from a makeshift home office or the front lines of your brand’s reinvented customer service, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the hospitality industry in ways we are still learning and assessing.

But some things — the most important things — remain the same.

Just like you, we at Hospitality Technology are still putting the needs of our customers — their well-being, their satisfaction — at the center of everything we do. Like you, we value the health and safety of our employees and their families. And we believe more than ever in the potential for our industry to point the way forward.

I’ve joined HT as editor-in-chief at a time when the phrase “innovative solutions” is more than just a bullet point or industry jargon — it’s essential to our collective survival and growth. I have a deep background in travel and food media, and I’m proud to work with the team at HT and the Restaurant Technology Network to bring you those innovative solutions in the pages of Hospitality Technology, at hospitalitytech.com, at annual events like HT-NEXT, MURTEC, and MURTEC Executive Summit, and across our social media and audio & video platforms.

In this issue, we take an in-depth look at hospitality’s “new normal,” focusing on how lodging and food technology and point-of-sale practices are rapidly evolving to meet unprecedented health & safety needs. We honor the top 10 women in restaurant tech, including rising stars, innovators and veterans. We bring you the most actionable takeaways from MURTEC 2020, and much more. 

My digital door is always open ([email protected]), and I welcome your thoughts and insights about how HT can work with you to deliver the solutions your customers and employees need.

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