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OpenWays Offers Line-Busting Option to Enhance Guest Experience and Speed Service

OpenWays has developed a line-busting solution that removes the frustration associated with traditional hotel check-in. Offering a Mobile Key that is securely sent over the air to a traveling guest’s mobile phone prior to arrival at the hotel not only removes the need to stop at the front desk, but it alleviates any stress the traveler may feel anticipating delays and long waits at their destination hotel. Mobile Key by OpenWays is securely delivered to a traveler's cell phone (any of the 6.5 billion mobile phones worldwide), along with their room number and instructions on how to seamlessly open their doors with their mobile device upon arrival, making the guests' first impression of the hotel experience a positive one.
Research on queuing has shown that, on average, people overestimate how long they’ve waited in a line by about 36 percent. Any delays upon arrival at a hotel, therefore, can easily be exaggerated by a traveler, driving initial negative guest satisfaction before their hotel stay even begins.
To provide true value, hoteliers need to give their guests exactly what they really desire most upon arriving – streamlined access to their rooms.
While some retailers believe that long lines are good for business -- strategizing that waiting crowds attract attention and translate into sales, this way of thinking is detrimental to the hospitality industry. However, giving mobile-dependent travelers the option to use their mobile phone (any model, any network) as a secure room key, and experience straight-to-the-room freedom, delivers something new and exciting to look forward to, blog about, and share with friends and family through social media.
OpenWays identifies 5 Top Line-Busing Benefits of Mobile Key:
Mobile Key creates a stress-free environment. No lines means nothing gets in the traveler's way of reaching the final destination -- their hotel room.
Mobile Key provides instant gratification. Mobility solutions are exploding in popularity and usage because of their ability to deliver immediate gratification. By serving as a secure room key, Mobile Key is a compelling guest-facing amenity, which truly drives the hotel’s mobile hospitality strategy.
Mobile Key drives revenues. Straight-to-the-room, hassle-free arrivals makes guests happy. In turn, happy guests are more likely to venture out of their rooms and spend money elsewhere in the hotel or stay in and purchase services that also drive revenues.
Mobile Key leads to a positive first impression. Guests sometimes have to deal with employees who many times are just as frustrated about long lines and tedious check-in processes as they are. By giving guests the option for a straight-to-the-room experience, the first time that hotel staff and their mobile guests interact, it will be by request and due to procedure, resulting in a more pleasant engagement.
Mobile Key protects the planet. More and more travelers are opting to participate in lodging green programs than ever before. By not standing in line to get an environmentally harmful plastic keycard that will end up in landfills, hotel guests are taking to save the planet. Because Mobile Key is made only of data, it is the greenest hotel room key in the world.

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