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NRA SHOW 2015 NEWS: Digital Dining Announces New Mobile Pay Capability Powered by MyCheck

Menusoft Systems, the owners of Digital Dining Point of Sale Software and MyCheck have announced a complete integration into Digital Dining point-of-sale software for quick service and full service restaurants. In line with the company’s capacity to develop branded apps for restaurant groups and chains, MyCheck is also creating the new DDpay App for Digital Dining, which incorporates online ordering and loyalty capabilities in addition to payment. The two companies will be demonstrating the integrated solution at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago beginning on Saturday, May 16, booth #3001.
The DDpay App and the MyCheck capability will be made available via the Digital Dining dealer network and will not require any special hardware. The install onto Digital Dining systems is done remotely and simply involves the implementation of a DDpay button straight onto the payment screen.  When a customer indicates to the server or the cashier that they want to pay with DDpay, the order is entered as it normally would be along with a random four-digit code that is on the user’s smartphone upon check-in to the location.  At that point, in quick service environments, the user will receive an automated receipt. 
In full service environments, the user will be able to view their bill in real-time; split the bill amongst other app users and as well as among people that want to pay with traditional credit cards or cash; make a payment and get a receipt. The collection and redemption of loyalty rewards will be automatically reflected on the point of sales and in the app. The DDpay app will be available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.
In addition to DDpay, merchants will also benefit from MyCheck’s channel network, which reaches over 50M consumers today, via partners like Paypal and others who have also adopted MyCheck technology inside their apps.
MyCheck’s technology is used by over 3,000 merchants worldwide and has been implemented into apps developed by payment giants like PayPal and Isracard that already have a significant user base and want to reach the hospitality sector as well as private labels of major restaurant chains in the US and the UK.
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