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Northwind Maestro Expands Services

NORTHWIND has expanded its professional services offering with the addition of management strategy services to assist hotel management to maximize operational efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs and driving revenue. NORTHWIND provides the Maestro Property Management hotel software suite for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups.
Maestro Management Services analyze a property's operating environment and shape best practices to complement specific business needs. The Maestro Management Strategies team works closely with hotel executives and their staff to improve organizational performance, guest service and profits with the best use of Maestro. The approach focuses on extensive in-depth operations consulting and management experience that enables clients to use Maestro as a business tool to maximize productivity and boost financial returns from day-to-day operations.
NORTHWIND has expanded its web connection online marketing services and enhanced social media services to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels to connect with shoppers online.

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